AKM and Krav Maga Global (UK) needs to hold certain personal and medical information about delegates to ensure that we act consistent with the duty of care owed, and so that we may communicate with you about mandatory requirements to undertake training, and other relevant information.

All information will be held in confidence and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Agreement to the providing of the required personal date is a condition to undertake the training. Please note that sensitive personal data will not be disclosed without your specific consent.Information is not released to third parties for marketing purposes.


Membership Contract Terms and Conditions

  • The membership activates on the contract signup date.
  • The membership contract is renewed every calendar month from the date of your sign up.
  • Updates to the membership (membership level, freezing, cancellation, etc.) require 30 days’ notice.
  • Your membership contract will finish at the end of the last paid period.
  • Your attendance allowance is only valid for the month of your payment period.
  • No partial refunds are given for months or parts of months in which your membership is still active but not used.

Student Obligations

  • You are required to book any class you wish to attend.
    Either through the website or the mobile app “Active Krav Maga” for Apple and Android.
  • You are required to obtain a Krav Maga Global Training License.
    This is renewed annually and allows you to book gradings nationwide, and provides the benefits of personal accident cover and public liability insurance whilst training. The KMG Licence is £25 and can be purchased here:


As a student

I declare that I am fit and able to undertake Krav Maga training and that it is my responsibility to make the instructors aware of any medical condition, ailment, and medication that is current.

I accept to undertake the forthcoming training and I have made the instructors aware of any personal limitations I may have with regard to undertaking physical skills training and I have completed the medical questionnaire highlighting any physical injuries or issues with regard to my health that the instructors should be aware of;

I accept that no physical activities or sports training can offer a complete guarantee of safety and that there is a risk involved with regard to injury on undertaking such training;

I will at all times conduct myself with due regard to my health and safety and the health and safety of others on the course and I will obey lawful instructions given to me and comply as far as practicable with the safety briefs provided for my safety;

If I am injured during the training I will immediately bring this to the attention of the instructors.

I will at all times take whatever action is necessary to reduce or eliminate the risk of injury to myself and others by undertaking the training in accordance with the safety instructions and briefings provided for the safety of myself and others;

I will abide by all lawful instructions given by the instructors or any other delegate nominated by the instructors;

I will not attempt to teach any technique shown to me during the training without the express permission of Active Krav Maga and with relevant instructor education from Krav Maga Global UK

I accept that if I act in any intentionally negligent way that compromises my safety or the safety of others or which causes harm to myself or others I may be removed from the training immediately at the discretion of the instructors;

I will bring to the attention of the instructors anything that I feel is a risk to any person (including the instructors), which comes to my attention during the training. This also involves any actions by others who I honestly feel may seriously compromise the health and safety of others. I expect any such forthcoming information to be treated with due regard to privacy and in a confidential and professional manner.

Meet Your Instructors

All Active Krav Maga Instructors are:

  • KMG Certified to teach Krav Maga
  • BTEC Level 3 in Self Defence Instruction
  • First Aid Qualified
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