Active Krav Maga’s M-power self-defence workshop for women only!

M-power instilled a sense of unity, strength and connection between all the women who trained with a touch of kickass female energy!”

– Christina, who attended our ‘Breaking through Fear’ Masterclass.

Using skills harnessed from 15 years training and teaching Krav Maga (as well as many other things) we create classes, workshops, and events to look at specific principles of self defence in greater detail.

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What is M-power?

AKM’s M-power workshops are created and run by me, Anna. I’m the founder and CEO of Active Krav Maga in Gloucestershire, hello! 

I have been training in martial arts for over 20 years. The skills and confidence my training has given me has helped me save my own ass on more than one occasion. 

In my experience, women’s self defence workshops tend to be technique heavy. Training muscle memory and pattern recognition is amazing, but this takes time. 

The reality is, stress affects our bodies abilities to respond. When something bad happens, adrenaline hits your body and you will forget that technique you drilled 10 times at a workshop once a couple of years ago…

What you need is an improved understanding of: 

  • how to avoid bad situations, 
  • what will happen to your body under stress, 
  • your self defence toolbox, filled with simple techniques that work under pressure. 

The tool box is about understanding simple moves to keep distance and how to use your voice as a deterrent.

For a lot of women, it can be a real challenge to feel like you really can defend yourself. So, to give you the confidence to use that tool box, I created M-power. 


Why bother with women’s self defence classes? 

On the street you cannot choose your attacker so I am a firm believer in training with everyone and I am an advocate of mixed classes.

For a lot of women, turning up to classes that are male-dominated can be too daunting. Women’s only workshops help empower ladies and increase confidence.  

The benefits of women’s only self defence workshops include: 

  • making people feel more comfortable 
  • enabling us to focus on gender specific type of violence 
  • practising targeted drills that help with aspects typically women find harder, such as unlocking aggression


Empowering women through self defence 

M-power workshops are different from your average female self defence class. These workshops have a blend of active drills and discussion that provide you with practical solutions to help you avoid bad real life scenarios. 

Each workshop is a deep dive into the skills needed for certain aspects of self defence. This means as well as kicking ass with active drills, our women’s self defence workshops have crucial discussions around topics including: 

  • How to break through fear 
  • Overcoming limiting self beliefs 
  • Understanding ethical blocks 
  • Setting boundaries with verbal commands 
  • The laws around self defence 


Active drills: 

For many people, a big block to coming to try a women’s self defence class is not knowing what will be expected of them physically. The fear is in the unknown so we want to assure you, you won’t turn up and be thrown into a ring and expected to fight! 

We will cover efficient and effective drills that help you: 

  • Generate power 
  • Unlock your inner aggression 
  • Maintain distance from potential attackers 

We won’t pretend to turn you into black belt fighters in a couple of hours. We want to give you workable tools for keeping yourself safe in real life scenarios and ensure that you leave the sessions feeling empowered as a result of what you can achieve and learn in a few hours.  


What do you need for the workshop?

All you need for this workshop is:

  • some comfortable work out clothes, 
  • a bottle of water,
  • a willingness to learn. 

Feel free to come with friends or by yourself, the team of AKM ladies will be there to greet you and have a chat. 


Feedback from past events

We know our ladies self defence workshops are epic, but you don’t need to take our word for it. 

‘M-power was a fantastic opportunity to go into a new environment with women who have never punched anything before and coach them to step outside of their comfort zone. It’s so rewarding to watch someone’s progress in as short a time as a 2 hour workshop, all because (in the ladies own words) of our encouragement. Some of those women even went on to snap arrows with their necks – I was one of those women, and I’m glad I did it! M-Power gave me the courage to push myself, too. I can’t wait for next year!’

AKM Team Member Becca

M-power instilled a sense of unity, strength and connection between all the women who trained with a touch of kickass female energy! I came away with a strong recognition that we are not in fact every woman for ourselves but that we are all a team who should help eachother grow and build! It instilled in myself a lot of confidence and made me remember just who I am and what I am capable of! Would highly recommend it to every lady everywhere because you are sure to have a fantastic day filled with positivity, coming away with new found confidence and new found friendships!

AKM Team Member Christina



If you have any questions we would be very happy to hear from you. Please contact Anna using either of the below methods:




The workshops can be available in both Cheltenham or Gloucester.

We tend to run 1 per year and spaces run out fast.

Frequently asked questions:

Can anyone do it? – Yes! Regardless of age or your fitness capabilities, these workshops have been designed so everyone can come away knowing they’ve learnt something.

Am I too old? – I have had the privilege to teach people in their 70s! At AKM we believe you’re never too old to keep learning. You know your body’s limitations and how to work with them and we will be there to support you.

Can I come alone? – Yes! This is an incredibly brave thing to do – AKM team members will be there to welcome you and make sure you have a great time.

How physically intensive will it be? – The workshops are a blend of discussions and active drills. As we’re from ACTIVE Krav Maga there will be some elements that are physically intensive. Remember, you control the pace of what you’re doing. This means it will be as intensive as you want it to be. If you don’t train martial arts and it’s new for your body you will be engaging muscle groups you wouldn’t normally use, so you will feel it the next day! Make sure to rest up after and drink lots of water to help your body recover.


22.05.2022 10 AM – 11:30 PM in Gloucester

address detailed

Sir Thomas Rich’s Sports Centre


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