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Why Blue Team?

​Are you on the lookout for the most exciting self-defence class tailored just for your little one?

Look no further!

Welcome to our Blue Team program, specially designed for ages 5-9 years!

In each dynamic class, your child will dive into a world of thrilling games and activities, acquire essential self-defence skills, enjoy a healthy dose of fitness, forge lasting friendships, and absorb valuable life lessons such as discipline, goal setting, focus, and concentration. At Active Krav Maga, we’ve perfected the balance between structured learning and playful exploration.

Our classes go beyond physical training; we’ve crafted a robust character development program featuring inspiring talks, exciting missions, and the ultimate payoff – merit badges and more!

If you haven’t already enrolled your child in our Blue Team launch class, the time is now to embark on this empowering journey!

Unleashing the

Superhero Within

We strike the ideal balance between structure and play. Classes are not just about learning; they’re about enjoying the journey to becoming a little superhero!

Dynamic Classes

Bursting with energy, our classes are tailor-made for the playful spirits of 5 to 9-year-olds. Engaging activities keep your child moving, laughing, and learning all at once.

Superhero Skills

We introduce your little one to the basics of self-defence in an exciting way. From stance to movement, we instill fundamental Krav Maga skills, fostering a sense of empowerment.

Building Friendships

Social development is at the heart of our program. Through teamwork and interactive games, we cultivate an environment where lasting friendships naturally bloom.

Character Development

 Beyond kicks and punches, we emphasize essential life skills. Your child learns discipline, focus, goal-setting, and resilience through our character development program.

Our Club. Our Family. Our Community

At Active Krav Maga, our superhero instructors are more than teachers; they’re mentors on a mission to help your child soar. Join us on this exciting adventure!

Our vibrant Head Instructor, Anna, is on a mission to cultivate the inner superhero in every child. With a background in martial arts and a passion for teaching, she creates an environment where learning is as fun as it is empowering. Anna believes in instilling not just self-defence skills but also essential life values, making each class a unique journey for your child.



Assistant Instructor

Meet Liz, our vibrant Yoga teacher with experience in various local schools, sharing her love for movement and well-being. Liz is also a certified Fitness and Pilates instructor, adding diverse expertise to our team. Her incredible journey from our Assistant Development program to becoming the Blue Team Leader speaks volumes about her dedication. Liz brings infectious enthusiasm, skill, and joy to every class. She deeply understands the unique needs of our young superheroes, making sure each child feels supported and encouraged.



Assistant Instructor

Vitor, another proud graduate of our Assistant Development program, adds his own flair to the Blue Team. His passion for working with children, combined with his Krav Maga expertise, creates a dynamic learning atmosphere. Vitor believes in nurturing not only physical skills but also the confidence that comes with them, shaping resilient and empowered young minds.

How it Works!

What age group is Blue Team designed for?

Blue Team is tailored for young heroes aged 5 to 9 years. It’s an exciting and age-appropriate introduction to the world of self-defence and physical fitness.

What can my child expect in a typical Blue Team class?

Each class is a dynamic blend of super fun games, engaging activities, and self-defence techniques designed for young learners. We focus on fostering teamwork, character development, and, most importantly, a love for staying active.

How do you ensure the safety of the children during classes?

At Active Krav Maga, the safety of our young participants is a priority. Here’s how we maintain a secure environment:

  1. Certified Instructors:
    Our certified instructors, led by Anna, are well-versed in Krav Maga and child safety. They ensure that each class is conducted with a focus on the well-being of the children.
  2. DBS Checked Instructors:
    All our instructors undergo Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. This means they have been rigorously screened to ensure their suitability for working with children. Your child is in safe and capable hands.
  3. Parental Involvement:
    We encourage parents to be actively involved. This may include observing classes or participating in specific parent-child activities. Your presence adds an extra layer of assurance.
  4. First Aid Trained:
    While our focus is on prevention, our team is trained in basic first aid. In the rare instance of a minor incident, we are equipped to provide immediate care.

Ensuring a safe and secure environment is fundamental to our philosophy at Active Krav Maga. If you have further questions or concerns about safeguarding, please feel free to get in touch with us. Your child’s safety is our utmost priority.

How does Blue Team promote character development?

Our program integrates essential life skills like discipline, focus, and goal-setting. We use a character development program, complete with inspirational talks, fun missions, and merit badges, to encourage positive values.

Is my child required to have previous martial arts experience?

Not at all! Blue Team is designed for beginners. Whether your child is a budding martial artist or trying a class for the first time, they’ll feel right at home.

Can parents watch the classes?

Yes, we encourage it! While children are having a blast in class, parents are welcome to observe from the sidelines and witness their superhero’s journey.

How can I enroll my child in the Blue Team program?

Enrolling is easy! Visit our website or contact us directly to get started. We’ll guide you through the process and ensure your child’s spot in the next adventure-filled class.


What Our Families are Saying

“Enrolling my child in Active Krav Maga’s Blue Team was the best decision! Anna and her team create an environment where learning self-defence is as fun as playtime. My little one loves every session, and I’ve seen a boost in confidence and discipline. Highly recommend!” – Sarah, AKM Parent

“Anna, Liz, and Vitor are fantastic with the kids! The AKM classes are a perfect blend of exciting activities and crucial life lessons. My child looks forward to every session, and I appreciate the emphasis on character development. Active Krav Maga truly stands out!” – Mark, AKM Parent

“Active Krav Maga has transformed my child’s outlook on fitness and safety. The engaging classes make learning Krav Maga enjoyable, and the instructors each add a personal touch. It’s more than self-defence; it’s a community that fosters growth and friendship.” – Emma, AKM Parent

“Enrolling my son in AKM was a game-changer. In just a month, his confidence skyrocketed, transforming his school experience. To my surprise, he even befriended one of the bullies. It’s more than self-defence; it’s building resilience and positive connections.” – Tom, AKM Parent

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