jessica_alba_imageJessica Alba joins a long list of celebrities who are turning to Krav Maga for its fitness and self-defence benefits.

Jessica Alba started Krav Maga for her upcoming film Mechanic: Resurrection and has been training the self-defence and combat system two to four times a week for several months.

Many celebrities – including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Styles and Sean Penn – are turning to Krav Maga, as the fitness and health benefits of the system are becoming well known around the world.

But Krav Maga is not just for the rich and famous; classes are suitable for complete beginners who want to get in shape and learn to protect themselves. Active Krav Maga is Gloucestershire’s largest Krav Maga organisation, with Krav Maga classes in Cheltenham and Gloucester, Monday to Thursday.

Anna Surowiec, Chief Instructor and owner of Active Krav Maga says, “we have students from many different backgrounds; some who consider themselves unfit, as well as others with no martial arts experience what so ever. What’s great about Krav Maga is that it’s easy to learn and extremely effective as a fitness and real world self-defence program.”

AKM Member Richard, said “I recently ran a 5k race in my best time ever. I put this down to two things, one my fitness is better than ever due to Active Krav Maga, secondly when I got to that point and wanted to stop, I carried on through it and kept going – this is also down to Krav.”

Krav Maga classes are a mixture of cardio fitness and self-defence technique training, providing each member with a great deal of benefits, including improved strength, speed and confidence.

AKM Member Jayna said that “I leave most Krav Maga classes exhausted, but I have learned something very practical and have been pushed to new levels of skills and fitness. I love that I can apply what I have learned to real life situations and that my confidence has grown – and that I can have fun in the process!”

Due to its military routes, Krav Maga is extremely practical, efficient and very fitness based. From the first class, students learn how to defend themselves against real world attacks from single or multiple attackers, as well as threats from armed assailants.

“If you wish to learn how to defend yourself, you will also leave a fitter person. You’ll get a great workout in a fun, social environment and have skills that can protect you and your family.”